There are many ways you can become a part of our efforts. We have several programs that help raise the capital needs that fund the many wonderful projects we support. You might be surprised at just how little effort or contribution it might take. Take a peek at our different programs to see if there is something you can do today.


The most important way is to become a member of our Foundation. By joining, you not only help the cause, but you also get some nice membership perks. Plus, it is our membership that determines how our funds are distributed. Take a look at our membership page to learn more.

Direct Donation

Of course, one of the easiest ways to help is a direct monetary donation. All donations are tax deductable to the full extent of the IRS laws. Tax receipts will be provided. If you would like to mail donations, contact Jack Coleman. Or you may direct donate using PayPal.

Important: Don't forget to check with your employer first. Many employers have a Matching Donations program which will ensure your money goes further. If that's the case, we urge you to contact us first at

Non-Cash Donations

In some cases, we also take non-cash donations as well. Items must be in good resale condition. If accepted, your gift will also be tax deductable to the extent allowable by the IRS. Items do not have to be related to outdoor activities, as long as they have an estimated value of over $40. Contact us at if interested.


We have partnered with eBay's "Giving Works" program. This allows sellers on eBay to direct that a portion (10%-100%) of the proceeds from any auction you initiate will go to us. For example, if you set up an auction and select to donate 10% to us, and the item sells for $100. We get $10, and you get $90 (plus a tax receipt for the donation). It's pretty simple. If you are interested, just -CLICK HERE- to learn how to set it up.

Misc. fundraisers

From time to time, we have general fundraisers and special items for sale (such as calendars, patches, etc...) We also use these sales to raise money. Always popular and you get something for your money. Keep an eye out in the Foundation Store for these items and announcements.