Grant Applications

ADKHighpeaks Foundation is currently accepting Grant applications based upon our mission as a 501(C)3 not for profit charitable institution.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the ADKHighpeaks Foundation is to provide financial assistance to organizations whose activities provide a benefit to the New York State Forest Preserve and the people that use it. The Foundation has a particular interest in funding wilderness zone and environmental protection, safe recreation, public education and biological research.

Our fundraising efforts are supported through the benevolence and charitable contributions of the hiking community and the members of our two internet forums: and

It is through their generous support over the last 5 years we have been able to provide grants to several organizations in excess of $34,000.

To be considered we respectfully request that the Application Request Letters meet the following guidelines:

Grant Applications must include:

  1. Detailed description of the project and estimated manpower requirements.
  2. Summarize the goal(s) of the project.
  3. The specific costs and itemized budget related to the project.
  4. Other funding sources if applicable.
  5. Expected time line for completion of the project or phase.
  6. Must be submitted in writing to the email address below.

Grant requests will be considered up to $1,000 each depending on scope of project and funds avaialable at time of application.

The following grant applicants will not be accepted:

Please submit Applications to:
The Executive Board of the ADKHighpeaks Foundation at

Request must be composed in letter format and attached as a document (PDF preferred) and submitted to the above email. Verbal requests and those not meeting the guidelines above will not be considered.